Attention: This page does not yet contain teaching material or other reference material for the students who follow any of my courses. The page is meant as a reference for those who look for the right pointers to where those contents are hosted officially by the respective universities.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (Computer Science and Engineering, PhD)

PhD course also open to MSc students on the functional innovations, potential applications and research challenges of blockchains and distributed ledger technologies. To course will be held in the beginning of 2021. A link to the course website and/or material will be posted in due time.

Applicazioni di Informatica (Design della Comunicazione, MSc)

Modulo di informatica all'interno del corso di Laboratorio di Sistemi per l'Interazione, sezione C2, parte del corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design della Comunicazione, sede Bovisa, primo anno, secondo semstre.

Enterprise Resource Planning (Management and Informatics, USI Lugano, MSc)

Course on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for students of the 1st year of the Master of Science in Management and Informatics.

Informatica A (Ingegneria Gestionale, BSc)

Corso di informatica base per gli studenti del Corso di Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Gestionale, sede Bovisa, primo anno, primo semestre.