Thesis template and bureaucracy

This page is dedicated to the Master students that want to do or are already doing a thesis with me or our group (yes, it's quite some time that in our department we have abandoned doing theses also at the Bachelor level). There are always the same questions that arise (How do I write the thesis? Is there a standard format for the thesis? What are the limitations of my work?), the answers to which I would like to collect on this page.

Thesis template

As for the writing of the thesis, no, there is no predefined or standard format for writing it. You can follow your own style, format and taste. The same also holds for the language: it is fully up to you if you want to write in Italian or English. Both are perfectly fine.

However, if nevertheless you are looking for some reference thesis structure, here you can find a possible template (the template is in English only; if you need it in Italian, just translate). Attention: this is a generic structure that, with some adaptations, applies to most of the works I am supervising. It is not meant to be a univeral template for all kinds of Master theses. Each topic has its specifics and peculiar needs. Have a look at it, but consider that everything is up to modification and improvement. If you work with another supervisor on different research topics, very likely a different structure may be suggested (ask your supervisor).

Here some resources if you want to follow this approach:

Graduation bureaucracy

I admit that I am not always updated about the latest news regarding the bureaucratic procedures and deadlines students must follow to successully apply for their final defense, by which exact date they have to hand in their thesis, by when they have to give their final exam, etc. Please refer to the Academic Office for these questions.